Trackmania Climate Fundraiser

What is TCF?

Trackmania Climate Fundraiser is a non profit organisation which has a number one goal of shedding more light on climate change and the growing importance of acting now, rather than later. With TCF, we hope to make a change for the better in this world, even if it is a small one. 

We host a Trackmania competition on [DATE TBA]. Maps are competitive grass and dirt maps, rich in flora and scenery. During this event, viewers will have the opportunity to participate in the fundraiser by contributing an amount of money of your own choice.

After the fundraiser, 80% of the amount will be donated to a charity, and the remaining 20% will be added up to the prize pool. 

Thanks to the support from the community and also Nadeo directly, our prize pool already consists of [200 eu] for top 3, and additional Nadeo goodies for top 4 and 5.


The ocean is increasingly seen as a vital component of the climate system. It is an important part of the global redistribution of heat from tropics to polar regions keeping our planet habitable. That’s why for this first TCF edition we are completely focusing on cleaning up the ocean. That’s why we’ve chosen theOceancleanup as our charity. They have a very ambitious mission of ridding the ocean of most of its plastic waste; they project to be able to remove 90% of ocean plastic by 2040. You can find more information on their website.

Please note that we are independent of and not endorsed or sponsored by theOceancleanup.

How to play TCF

Everyone can participate in this event. We ask our participants to pay an entree fee of 5 euros via PayPall, which will directly go to the fundraiser. Please read the Rules & Format.

Our discord server: [discord link]


Maps will be made available on [DATE TBA]. Maps are dirt & grass tech styled, and over 2 minutes long each. Video presentation of the maps by Shortz is coming soon!


Thank you to all the supporters who contributed to the prize pool, and the people who helped with map testing, server hosting, casting and more! <3